I have always been conscious that business owners and those in a company charged with financial responsibilities should consider the obvious route to seeking finance. That is…ask your bank.

Banks have a duty to support their customers, they have detailed knowledge of their corporate clients, and they are incentivised to help.

Which begs the question – why does this not always work?

The reasons centre around a reassessment by banks of their risk appetite, which in turn can leave a business wondering which way to turn.

Even then, it is possible to research the market on a DIY basis and seek out the best offer. This will take time and many folk do not know where to look. After all many of the active lenders are not visible on the High Street. That is where a good advisor can unlock the right solution.

One of the other advantages of outsourcing this work is to save time so that owners can concentrate on running the business. In one case this year a successful funding project for a client included a beauty parade, multiple quotes, negotiation of terms, and subsequent documentation through lawyers; adding up to tens of hours and hundreds of emails.

It’s only one measure, but it is an indication of the value of leaving this important task to professionals with the right experience and contacts.