Yes, all the indicators are pointing in the right direction – hooray!

It’s great to be out and about with business owners looking to bring their plans to fruition, and I sense that many banks are venturing outside and blinking somewhat in the face of the sunshine hitting us!

In the old days (that I remember well), in my last job at NatWest I had a personal limit of £500,000 that I could choose to lend on a secured or unsecured basis – no questions asked. In these days of ever tighter credit policies it seems ludicrous to give front-line staff such flexibility.

So in 2021 we need to contact lots of lenders – both new and old, to find the right solution for a business. Fortunately there are a number of options open to owners and I would recommend using a professional to help you with that search, and negotiate the most favourable package.

Enjoy the sun…