The very word ‘networking’ might send a shiver down your spine, but it is about meeting new people and looking to form a mutually beneficial connection, so the objective is pretty straight forward. The books tell you to always try to help the person you are talking with, and thats a good rule of thumb.

The use of Zoom, Teams, and other similar products have allowed some measure of replication of a live face to face meeting. Many have been impressed with the functionality of these services, and you can’t argue with the efficiency it allows.

I find that networking is more productive with practice, and the ability to help put people together in a number of different business situations is satisfying. My close association with a range of professional partners is appreciated and delivers added value to any business relationship.

If relevant I personally make an introduction and leave the two parties to take the conversation forward. The subject matter may include the following:

  • Foreign Exchange
  • International payments
  • Bank account costs
  • Personal mortgages
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Sales and Marketing
  • HR issues
  • IT services

Hope to see you at a future event – currently on Zoom and in time, in person!