Professional relationships – how important are they?

During my banking days I mixed with a whole community of professionals – corporate finance, Private Equity, lawyers, accountants, and finance directors. Looking back, it is a privileged situation to be surrounded by quality people.

As an independent advisor and consultant over the last five years I am fortunate to have met and worked with an even wider group of professionals; helping SME business owners in a broad range of activities. Particularly when the business does not have a ready-made in-house resource.

My network of close contacts has expanded and changed over recent years. This means that I am often asked and pleased to introduce, expertise directly to business owners that adds real value to their company. This role is something that rarely occurred inside banks, but is a more natural activity with the relationships I have now.

So, back to my question – professional relationships – are they important?

They certainly are; and it is a pleasure to make those important connections that deliver improved results for businesses.