Will Rogers once said that the three greatest human inventions were fire, the wheel, and central banking.

The machinations of central banking are beyond most of us mere mortals with quantitative easing as the policy of choice in recent times.

These macro economic considerations are background noise at a time when entrepreneurs are fully focused on getting their businesses back on track with growth plans underway, and as reported in the FT this morning, manufacturing profits are at their lowest level for a decade. There are combination of reasons, but on the positive side there are a number of financing options open to UK businesses.

Yesterday I spoke to a company investing in capital equipment, and I was able to introduce them to a specialist in this area. It is important we don’t pretend to know everything, and concentrate on our own specialism, skills, experience and contacts – in my case whilst I receive enquiries ranging from £100k to £100m, my focus is on helping established businesses raise funding between £1m and £10m.

Get in touch for a chat about your options…and I promise not to mention quantitative easing!