The old investment saying “buy stocks so you can dream, buy bonds so you can sleep” does not seem appropriate at a time of market volatility and general downward expectations.

What is unchanging is the importance of maximising returns from the associated risk, and it is my contention that the primary cause of the financial crisis some 12 years ago was the dislocation between risk and return.

It seems as if inflation hit the world economy expectedly and that central bankers were asleep at the wheel. As a humble commercial banker, I won’t stray into that area, but I do appreciate the impact of rapidly rising commodity prices and interest rates on the economics of business.

– so what happens inside banks when times get tough?

Well they tend to hunker down, look after their own book, and look after their own customers.

This can place a constraint for business owners looking to raise funding to invest and grow. Which means that using professional debt advisors becomes more important, and getting the best deal becomes more challenging.

I’ve said this before on LinkedIn – this is not a time for DIY fundraising, it is a time for using experienced advisors.