My latest client said: “I don’t know who looks after my account at the Bank”

What a sad reflection on banking in 2021 – but (full disclosure) I heard this many times when I was responsible as a senior executive for High Street banks.

The comment is often followed by “I used to know XYZ, but he left and we have a had a few people since then, but I don’t know them”

This situation becomes important when a business needs additional funding, and my latest client has this very issue. The natural home for finance should be your bank, but if you don’t know them and they don’t know you, then you need to look across the market for the right solution that makes sense.

And that is where professional help will really count – and whoever you decide to use, having someone experienced in the market for your circumstances will give you the comfort that you have considered the appropriate options for your business, and achieved the best result possible.