About Obica Business Funding

Obica Business Funding was founded by Steve Cockell in 2017

Steve Cockell is the money man. During his banking career he helped businesses of differing size and many sectors across the UK at all stages of the economic cycle. He is now primarily focused on helping businesses grow and invest for the future.

The banking market has changed rapidly over recent years. Steve’s intimate knowledge of this area – and the players within it – mean that he can quickly identify funding options for you, target suitable providers and help negotiate terms.

He has an extensive network to bring the right resources to the table. This means that you have first hand lending knowledge and senior banking manpower at your disposal to maximise the opportunity to secure the best result.

You will receive prompt attention and reliable assessment of your options, and confidence that your requirements will be presented to lenders in a highly professional manner. You will have control over the process and selection of lender to support your business, and any lender commission is rebated to you, so there is no conflict of interest.

Steve’s specialism includes property finance, mergers and acquisitions, management buy out or buy in, business loans, and working capital support. Negotiating new debt facilities, refinancing, bolt-on acquisitions, facility extensions, and covenant resets are a core skill.

Successful fund raising means more than maximising debt quantum or minimising margins. It is about sourcing the right debt product from the right provider at the right price with the right terms.

Steve has total integrity, bags of direct experience and a huge number of contacts at banks, enabling him to provide informed guidance and access the funding you need. His personal access to senior individuals at every SME lender gives you a hotline to decision makers.

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