Business Loans

Do you need to raise additional finance for your business? Would your business benefit from access to cash so that you can invest?

Businesses often require more finance to power growth, for example by:

  • investing in new assets
  • hiring new talent
  • entering new markets

We can achieve new funding for your business, enabling you to concentrate on running the business and planning for the future.

Owner-managers don’t have enough time, and dealing with banks is often a disappointing experience that does not always deliver the right result. We can solve that problem and access the huge increase in the number of new lending institutions providing business loans to SME’s over recent years.

Finding the best funder and negotiating the best terms requires detailed knowledge and an extensive network of senior contacts – which is our core strength. We bring experienced banking manpower to professionally present your proposal to ensure the best chance of a good result.

  • Access new sources of finance
  • Extensive network of banking industry contacts
  • Professional borrowing proposal

Need help raising finance?

We are the business loan specialists, ready to help you.

Do you need working capital?

We have a range of finance options available for you.

Working Capital

You need to be able to order from suppliers and pay regular overheads efficiently without having to constantly check with the Bank.

Depending on your trade cycle you may have money invested in stock, and be waiting for your customers to pay you.

These are frequent challenges and driving sales revenue, buying stock, and waiting for payment are all part and parcel of running an SME.

The pressure on your bank account is lifted when you have sufficient short-term funding through working capital finance to fund the day to day operations.

This type of finance leaves you free to run the business and your staff can get on with their jobs without the distraction of juggling payment terms.

  • cash is available to fulfil orders
  • the business can be managed effectively
  • less stress for staff

This financing is sourced for you in different ways to suit your circumstances, and cheaper alternatives are often available if you have a well spread debtor book and wish to accelerate the receipt of funds from this source. In certain sectors stock finance is also available.

Acquisition Finance

Are you contemplating making an acquisition? These transactions are inevitably complex and being able to rely on an advisor to carefully assess your options and give you clear and unbiased guidance is critical.

We have extensive experience in arranging acquisition finance for:

  • companies to undertake mergers and acquisitions
  • management teams to buy the business they are running
  • management to purchase new businesses

These change of ownership transactions are time-consuming, and benefit from direct knowledge of the different stages of executing a successful process, which we will provide.

We will arrange senior debt, often structured so that future cash generation will service the new debt facilities, and you will maximise the likelihood of securing an appropriate finance package with the right terms and covenants from experienced and senior banking manpower that you can rely on.

  • we arrange senior debt
  • the right finance package for you
  • we have an experienced and senior-level team

Acquisition Finance?

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Looking for funding for your property project?

We can help you raise funds for commercial or residential schemes.

Property Finance

If you wish to secure funding for a property development project, or require a new financing package for a property investment portfolio, you will have a wide choice of lenders.

Knowing who to spend time with, to deliver the best result for you and assess the alternatives, demands an experienced professional.

You can benefit from our first-hand lending track record with different financing structures. One example is ground rent features that match investor risk and return, and provide the owner with the optimum financing package.

Within the residential sector, we can secure you funding for:

  • private rentals
  • supported living
  • multiple occupancy
  • social housing
  • student accommodation

Commercial sectors include landlord businesses and trading companies with material property assets, such as:

  • hotels
  • care homes
  • hospitals
  • education
  • transformative mixed-use schemes

We will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you are in control, to select the lender that best fits your need.