The German finance minister in the late 60’s said “stability is not everything, but without stability, everything is nothing”

We all value stability – and for business owners seeking finance this means reliability, consistency and deliverability.

So where are the banks in this period, particularly in those areas devoted to supporting SME’s?

It won’t surprise you to know that they have dusted off their processes for dealing with underperforming credits, and marrying that with their public policies of treating customers fairly.

In truth this is never far from the surface and the focus at banks has been shifting for a little while. We all know that different phases of the economic cycle bring their own particular challenges.

What makes the headlines in the financial press does not necessarily translate to front-line behaviour. It is often under-appreciated that commercial bankers are steeped in wanting to do the best for their customers, and do not wish to react too dramatically.

So my guidance is to increase the communication with your bank officers, provide regular updates, be honest about the issues you are facing and how you are tackling these. And you might be pleasantly surprised that the bank is more helpful than you imagined.