When I was speaking with lenders about financing a pub company during lockdown, it was difficult to get past the fact that at the time the pubs were shut.

It reminded me of a different situation about how can we look beyond the headline and exercise good judgement?

The story is of an MBA class in New York where the professor asked the students “who would invest in a company which reported losses for 10 consecutive years?”

No hands went up. Silence. The professor waited. Then he said “Too bad, if you had invested in such a company like Amazon or Tesla you would be a billionaire by now”

Whilst early stage investment is not my skillset, this story resonates with me because of the importance of looking beyond the headline. And good communication, allied with an excellent relationship with decision makers, can get you across the line with funding offers.

Of course now with lockdown easing and wonderful weather the pubs and bars and buzzing with custom – cheers all round!